Teracle, Inc. was founded based upon the vision of three young men in their 20s - to create a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to access quality education no matter what his or her socioeconomic status is. The three young men are twin brothers, In-Je Cho and Hun-Je Cho, and their best friend, Daniel Kim.

Together, they worked on several projects to fulfill their vision, and eventually founded Teracle, Inc. in January 2013. Teracle, Inc. is a comany that uses ICT to regenerate the current education ecosystem so that it is more suitable for the smart generation students and teachers.


Our mission is to use the latest technological advancements to help others access the learning tools they need, deliver quality education, and make it accessible to everyone. Our ultimate goal is to minimize the gap between the educationally rich and poor, initiate change and make worldwide movement in equal education opportunity.